Private Lessons

Colors Fine Arts apart:

Students  Placed With the Right Teacher:  We will never place you with a teacher who doesn't have the advanced knowledge and technical skill to teach an  instrument at it's higher levels.  Many studios have a few teachers which teach several instruments to enroll as many students as possible.  Often this leads to improper technique which results in months or years lost to re-correct by the capable teacher. 

Teaching Methods Best for the Student, Not Best for the Studio: There is no 'one size fits all'  for teaching methods. Most experienced teachers use a variety of materials, depending on the students's needs.  Our teachers are free to select their own method books, catering to each student's needs.  Many programs place all students in a single method for the purpose of selling materials or which move students at a very slow pace to stretch out the length of a time a student is enrolled. 

No Substandard Pianos for our Students:  Our piano students learn on quality, newer model Kawai studio pianos which are tuned regularly by a professional technician (belonging to Piano Technician's Guild).  Many studios offer 'piano' lessons on keyboards or on old, donated pianos which have terrible action and even worse tone quality.   This adversely affects the student's proper technique and aural development which can hinder the study of any instrument.  Our studio walls are rated at a 90% NRC (noise reduction coefficient) to accommodate many students without sound disruption lesson to lesson. 

Small Group Classes:  Students are not taught in groups exceeding 4 where technique cannot be monitored throughout the lesson.  

Student Taught Correctly from the Start: Students are taught to read notes properly, rather than read music in patterns and positions.  This again, results in starting from the beginning to properly teach the reading of notation.  Sadly, our teachers have many transfer students who have not been reading the music, but learning by rote patterns.  This is very discouraging to the student to return to more basic music.   Many programs have large classes and expect parents to monitor the student.  While the student is exposed to music and new materials, this is not a true music education.

Students Not Bounced Around from Teacher to Teacher:  Many studios have high teacher turnover, due to slow pay or restrictions placed on the methods used.  As a result, students are bumped between teachers many times.  Our teachers remain with the studio an average of 5 years or more.   Several teachers have been with Colors Fine Arts for more than 12 years.   Our older, experienced teachers are available to mentor our newer teachers, which provides a healthy learning environment for all students and faculty.

Teachers are Paid Directly / No Student Contracts:  Teachers set their own rates and are paid directly for private lessons. Often, this is not the case with other programs, leaving teachers frustrated about slow pay, thereby making lessons less productive for the student.  We don't require contracts or semester payments.  Teachers need control over who they choose to teach, and if a student fails to practice, they would rather let that student discontinue and accept a committed student eager to take their place. Tuition ranges from $75 - $90 per month. View our  Studio Policy for private lessons  2012-2013. 

Recitals:  Our studioffers two performance opportunities per year - a casual fall recital and a formal spring recital in Roberts Hall at UAH.  In addition, some teachers schedule performance classes and other events for their students.  Check with your teacher if you are interested in opportunities to perform.  A student's preparedness determines performance in a recital - this is entirely left to the teacher's discretion.

 Private Lessons Offered for Beginner through Advanced Levels:

Piano: Classical, Contemporary, Jazz (Ages 4 through adult)
: Acoustic, Electric, Classical, Bass
 (Ages 6 through adult) 
Traditional, Suzuki, Fiddle  (Ages 4 through adult)
Woodwinds: Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone  (Ages 9 through adult)
Voice: Classical, Concert Choir, Sacred, Musical Theatre, Audition Prep (Age 7 - adult)

Studio Policy 2014-15